This DIY Hug Pillow Design is Perfect for Those In Need of Affection

 - Feb 8, 2014
References: ducklingsinarow
Homeowners looking to infuse some humorous features into their bedroom decor should look no further, because this DIY Hug Pillow project is offering a playful way to feel embraced even when no one is around.

Sometimes you just need a hug to brighten up your day, but if there happens to be no one else near you, then this huggable pillow design is the next best option. Featuring a design that showcases two outstretched hands, this DIY pillow allows you to hug and embrace it just like you would another person. Requiring such materials as scrap paper, felt and a throw pillow, this DIY activity will definitely satisfy anyone in need of some affection.

Featured on the site 'Ducklings in a Row,' this DIY activity is a great way to add comically meaningful features to your decor.