The Hudson Jeans Turbotech Denim Create a Distinctively Distressed Look

 - May 17, 2012
References: hudsonjeans
The HUDSON Jeans Turbotech™ denim is a revolutionary fabric that goes from raw to vintage in just 30 days. The futuristic material was created by fabric innovators iSKO. Denim connoisseurs can now achieve a uniquely worn-in look without waiting years for nature to take its course.

As the cutting-edge fabric molds to the wearer's body, creases and wrinkles develop for an undoubtedly personal pair of pants. The owner's lifestyle, walking pattern and even the things in their pockets will affect the raw denim's look. Those who are religiously devoted to raw denim will know the effort to maintain that antique look is quite demanding.

The brand has also teamed up with four influential men to follow their denim experiences, dubbed the TURBOTECH™ EXPERIMENT. The line up includes, international DJ VICE, blogger Johnny Pinto, street artist Kai and comedian Josh Wolf.