Bosses Should Take Note of 'How Employees Are Staying Fueled At Work'

The 'How Employees Are Staying Fueled At Work' Infographic is a must read for employers wondering how to keep their workers awake and nourished.

The coffee craze has continued to grow and now, 50% of the work force spends a little over $1,000 a year on coffee. It also appears that the younger the employee, the more money they spend on coffee. Employees are also emptying their pockets to buy lunches, but 35% of workers have made it their financial goal to bring their lunch instead of buying it. Workers are also spending money on fuel for their cars, which can set one back a pretty penny if the commute is long enough.

The How Employees Are Staying Fueled At Work Infographic shows that workers are spending too much money and need to cut back on their expenses.