'House no.46' is a Deceptively Designed Living Space

 - Jun 7, 2018
References: archdaily
With most homes, people can more or less assume the interior floor plan by looking at it from the outside, but House no.46 is a little less straightforward. The home has an illusory design that's reminiscent of a puzzle box, with abstract volumes that don't seem to cohere with one another in a predictable way.

Part of the impetus for such a confounding design is simply that 'FCHY architect lab', the studio behind House no.46, wanted to create something unique and interesting. However, the puzzling structure is also part necessity. It is located in a high-density area of Taiwan, sitting in a small alleyway. As such, the house needs to shift and adjust in order to accommodate the various other buildings that are around it.

Image Credit: Yi-Hsien Lee