Hotel Thoumieux Restaurant Gastronomique Engages Your Senses

The culinary world capital Paris has shown its resilience in the face of economic struggles by opening the playfully elaborate Hotel Thoumieux restaurant Gastronomique. The lush styling of the 20-person prestigious eatery employs embellished wallpaper, ornate lighting and curvaceous lime green couches to give the restaurant a feeling of joyful luxury. The dynamic design duo Thierry Costes and India Mahdavi has successfully pulled off a look of high-society 60s opulence, but avoided the ridiculous by adding tasteful ascents of art-deco influence.

The restaurant sports the incredible Jean-François Piège as head chef and the menu is filled with decadent happy-go-lucky morsels. While the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, don't let this good-humored approach to food fool you. A meal at the Hotel Thoumieux restaurant gastronomique will cost you a pretty penny, but with dishes like scallops in a watercress-and-Parmesan velouté, it just might be worth it. Sure to impress with its impeccable taste on all fronts, the Hotel Thoumieux restaurant Gastronomique is destined to join the prestigious ranks of establishments worthy of destination dining.