The Hotel Encanto in Acapulco is Responsive to Moods and Colors

 - Jan 23, 2014
Local Mexican architecture and design firm Taller Aragones Arquitectos recently constructed and designed the Hotel Encanto located in Acapulco in Mexico.

The hotel is set on top of a heavily vegetated hill that overlooks the ocean. The structure was built with the use of the least amount of resources, economic materials and local labor. Trying to maintain a humble overall structure, the hotel's exterior is completely white and composed with a layering of different forms.

The interior of the hotel is an interweaving of spaces that is designed to accommodate groups of different sizes and uses. The design using completely white walls offer an interactive opportunity for the wall to connect with its natural surroundings to take on any color or contrasting that is brought by the white walls.

Inside the structure, there is an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, villas that are fitted with private balconies and a white facade that can be illuminated to take on different colors and moods.