These Horoscope Drawings Differ from the Norm

 - Jul 14, 2014
References: & itsnicethat
These quirky horoscope drawings, featured in the pages of Elle Italia, differ from your typical illustrations of crabs or scales.

Illustrator Sac Magique was commissioned to draw the horoscopes with a beach theme. The finished drawings are incredibly fun and refreshingly different. If you're someone who checks your horoscope religiously, and from many different sources, you'll definitely enjoy this diverse, distinctive series of drawings.

It might take a little investigative work to figure out which sign each drawing is representing, but it's worth the work to see the zodiac represented in such an alternative manner. For example, the image for cancer features a bespectacled crab holding two ice cream cones, while the traditional Libra scale is represented by two pineapples.