Hoodmaps Sorts Neighborhood Based on the Types of People Seen in Them

 - Jul 18, 2017
References: hoodmaps & archdaily
Every city has its own cultural flavor, and Hoodmaps is a site dedicated to depicting that unique mix. The site organizes cities based on six common urban demographics, giving users a shorthand reference for the makeup of every city that's included based on its geography.

Hoodmaps' city maps are divided into six categories: Uni, Hipsters, Tourists, Rich, Suits, and Normies. Each of these categories, which the site believes to sort the people in a city, is assigned a different color. Hoodmaps then crowdsources the work of sorting through the different neighborhoods, allowing locals to input where they see different people and color-coding the maps in kind.

Beyond the basic demographic categorizations, Hoodmaps lets users input added text that can be tagged to different areas, noting things like "Chinatown," "Post-Hipster," "Post-Post-Hispter," or "Loud."