Hong Kong’s ‘wich Packaging is Clean and Concise

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: behance.net
Hong Kong’s ‘wich Packaging is brilliantly bare and perfectly pristine. Their newest marketing campaign features a simplistic, streamlined design that boasts the company's name and a few quirky illustrations. All the cafe-inspired goodies are sleekly packaged and labelled with sophisticated stickers and straightforward wrappings; you’ll no longer be bombarded with excessive amounts of useless information on multi-colored packaging materials. The up-and-coming hotspot ‘wich instead hopes their delicious food is all the information and distraction their customer needs.

It is common for customers to become distracted by busy and complex packaging. This distraction of packaging can detract from the overall food experience and satisfaction at the end of meals. ‘wich’s minimalist branding puts more emphasis where it should be, less on the packaging and more on the food. This branding initiative is described as a visual identity project, which will reflect the high-quality and professional nature that ‘wich hopes to project to its wealthy clientele.