This Milk & Honey Cake Replicates a Beehive Using Edible Rice Paper

 - Sep 9, 2015
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Talented baker Christine McConnel put together a hyperrealistic honeycomb cake that is an exact replica of a beehive. The dessert, fittingly titled the 'Milk & Honey Cake!,' is incredibly detailed featuring tiny edible cow bees hovering around busy at work.

The 'Milk & Honey Cake!' whimsically brings together bees and cows in a detailed fantasy cake design. The cake base is made from several layers of stacked chocolate and vanilla cake adhered together using layers of icing. Colored fondant is then used to replicate the beehive's honey outer layer and create a honeycomb stand. The cake is then covered with tiny cows disguised as bees tying in the 'Milk & Honey Cake!' theme. Fans of McConnell's work will be able to learn tricks of the trade from the baker's newest novel, Deceptive Desserts, out later this year.