The Honda CB750 Cafe by Rebellion of the Machines is a Retro Refresh

 - Jun 28, 2015
References: swipelife
An appreciation for vintage vehicles is at an all-time high due not only to the slew of reality TV auto shows, but also an overall sense of nostalgia modern society is clinging to; that's where the Honda CB750 Cafe comes into play. The owner wanted to keep its original spirit while upgrading it to a more contemporary status.

The Honda CB750 Cafe was refreshed by founder Adolfo Calles with the help of mechanical engineers Raul and Jose Perez of the Rebellion of the Machinese. Outfitted with a better brake system, air filters as well as a brand new clutch, the ride is not only smoother, but safer as well. The look of the Honda CB750 Cafe itself is sleek yet retro, which will appeal to both modern and stylish sensibilities.