Streetsmart's Technology Will Track Every Homeless Person in NYC

 - May 7, 2017
References: wired
Streetsmart is a homelessness tracking technology developed in New York City with a goal to change the way the city handles its homelessness epidemic. High rents, poor health care, and the high cost of living are just some of the factors that are contributing to the 62,000 people living without permanent homes -- rates that the city hasn't seen since the Great Depression.

Streetsmart aims to reverse this by acting as a tool of connectivity to help out reach workers coordinate their efforts with each other. Streetsmart allows workers city-wide to track each homeless person, inputting information about their health, income, specific demographics and experience with the shelter system. This comprehensive view allows for a more precise and effective approach to finding solutions, while also increasing the safety of the vulnerable population.

The homelessness tracking technology, Streetsmart prioritizes building trust between workers, and the homeless population to eradicate homelessness in more efficient ways, while also organizing data in a way that city-officials can't ignore.