The 'Pit Bull Flower Power' Photo Series Depicts Homeless Pit Bulls

Pit Bull Flower Power is a fascinating and highly peculiar series, put together by New York-based photographer Sophie Garmand, that consists of floral portrait photographs of pit bulls, specifically homeless pit bulls.

One of the dogs captured in these photos is named Murdock, and grew up in canine shelters. Murdock was severely abused at a dog fighting ring, where he was used to test the fighting strength of other dogs. He somehow survived the ordeal with several wounds and a blinded eye.

Despite his background, Murdock manages to be "the sweetest dog" and that's exactly how he's depicted with his floral headwear. The series starred over a hundred dogs all wearing handmade crowns of flowers. Ultimately this photo series does a great job fighting the stigma against pit bulls by depicting their gentle side.