Notion is a Smart Home Monitoring System That Keeps Everything in Check

A smart home monitoring system is useful for keeping tabs on how a house runs, as well as getting reports on potential problems before they even happen. Rather than just doing one or two tasks well, the Notion Sensor is a home system that aims to keep track of everything from smoke alarms to lighting and temperature.

The Notion Sensor comes in the form of a small button that can be attached to a number of surfaces to serve different purposes. When affixed to a window, the device serves as a security tool to monitor who is entering or leaving a house. If the sensor is placed inside of a room, it will watch for water leaking and more. When something of concern is detected, the system sends a notification to an app.

Depending on a homeowner's needs, a single Notion sensor can be paired with a Bridge for more capabilities, or multiple sensors can be placed around the house for better coverage.