These Hollie Chastain Pieces Leave a Lot to the Imagination

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: holliechastain & sweet-station
Hollie Chastain has a whimsical, whirling imagination judging by her recent work. The artist has worked in mediums as diverse as paper and collage, pottery, glass and watercolor, however, her chosen medium and method is collage.

Looking at her work stimulates the imagination. The pieces are colorful, vibrant and clearly convey a pleasant feeling. Still, they do not completely define themselves, which is left to the viewer. In fact, when depicting people in her scenes, Hollie Chastain leaves the faces blank. In this way she invites the viewer to place themselves in her pieces.

It is easy to imagine one's self or people one knows in the scenes the artist portrays. This is partly due to the blank slate quality of her work, but it's also because these Hollie Chastain pieces are whimsical and pleasant.