Help Solve the 'Hipster Tax Crisis' (SPONSORED)

 - Mar 9, 2014
References: facebook & hipstertaxcrisis
Tax season is upon us and we know our hipster friends (who don’t even like being called "hipsters") make, well, unique choices with their money. Here is a list of the top 5 fallacies about hipsters (sorry, again) and their tax returns based on "real" and "scientific" evidence via the "Hipster Tax Crisis".

1. OBSCURITY AND UNCLE SAM: You must report your income, even if you think it’s such an obscure number that no one would truly understand.

2. THE IRS E­-File System: The IRS e­-file system is currently incompatible with all vintage typewriters, even if your coffee shop has Wi-Fi.

3. TAXES AND SHEEPLE: 81% of hipsters believe that paying taxes has become too mainstream.

4. AVOID VINYL: Tax software is not available on vinyl, yet.

5. BEWARE OF SCARVES: A scarf may not be counted as a deductible expense or as a dependent.

Ironically or not, H&R Block understands the Hipsters of America (ooh, sorry once again) and the current struggle to file taxes in non-­ironic ways. But be brave. Watch the video and share an element of this campaign or even hipsterize your own photo alongside #HipsterTax, to help share the word on this current Hipster Tax Crisis.

Every time you share an element of this campaign, H&R Block will make a charitable donation to Covenant House serving homeless youth.

Visit Hipster Tax Crisis and help end this crisis today.