The Hipster Fashion Cycle Informs You of the Evolving Style of Urban Hipsters

 - Jun 30, 2010
References: flavorwire &
The Hipster Fashion Cycle is an 'infograph' that showcases the ever evolving style of the urban hipster. From outsider all the way back to conservative, and many stages in between, the Hipster's fashion cycle is a very complicated thing. In this particular illustration of the Hipster's complicated fashion choices, a hat is used as an example.

The graph begins with someone being bored with fashion, so they wear a new hat, "which the majority of people find in poor taste." From there the hat becomes a trendy accessory catching on to mainstream fashion. But alas in the end, the "hat becomes a genuine article of sensible fashion and a sign of good taste" and the Hipster Fashion cycle begins again.