'Hidden Water' Shows the True Cost of Contemporary Consumption

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: youtube & uniquedaily
The Hidden Water animated short is part of the water crisis documentary 'Last Call at the Oasis.' The short clip goes through an average day in America, outlining the various areas where, individuals don't realize, water is required.

While the animation may have a whimsical beat to it, the dire message behind Hidden Water is nothing to be amused by. Not very many people pay attention to the fact that something as simple as a sheet of printer paper requires roughly 3 gallons of water to make. Household appliances, cars, pants all require an alarming amount of water to operate and create.

There are the obvious visible sources that require water and those are the areas where people can make a conscious effort to improve on. Fixing leaks, cutting out bad habits like leaving the sink running and adopting good habits like doing a full load of dishes is a start, but water shortages in the future will require more drastic measures if current habits continue.