'Slips' Icephobic Coating Eliminates Ice Buildup in Cold Temperatures

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: seas.harvard.edu & gizmag
By using the 'SLIPS' icephobic coating inside your freezer you will no longer have to worry that your ice cream will get freezer burn when it goes uneaten for a long period of time.

Developed by a team at Harvard University, the ultra-slick coating prevents condensation from building up on the walls of your freezer, which means no more picking away at the ice that usually accumulates inside the ice-box.

Although many freezers are now equipped with technology that prevent ice from building up inside of them, they do not always eliminate the problem entirely. SLIPS, however, repels all liquids rather than just water so you can throw out your ice pick and forget about having to scrape out your freezer.

The technology could also be used in other applications such as on aircraft so that planes would no longer be grounded due to frozen wings and engines.