New Smart Hand Pumps Send an Automatic SMS When Broken

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: & bbc
Smart Hand Pumps, which send an automatic message when broken, are being introduced in the Kyosu district in Kenya, in a effort to bring more reliability to water supply.

Water pumps, in any case, are a major source of water supply in rural Africa. However at any time, about one third of them are broken, and sometimes it takes a long time to repair them. Researchers from the Oxford University are implanting mobile data transmitters in 70 Smart Hand Pumps across villages in Kyosu. These transmitters will automatically send a SMS to the water managers when a pump breaks down and they will also send a SMS when the pump is repaired and back in action.

The researchers are hoping that this quick breakdown-identification system should lead to faster repair and a more reliable water source.