This Collaborative Housing Project from Mirreco and Arcforms is Sustainable

 - Jun 29, 2018
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Sustainability in housing will likely continue to gain momentum going forward as designers seek to create living spaces without causing detrimental effects on the environment, which is what these 3D-printed hemp houses look to achieve.

The housing project has come about through a collaboration between Mirreco Pvt. Ltd. and Arcforms Architects to utilize hemp biomass to create every part of the dwelling. This includes all floors, walls, roofing components and beyond, which are reported to all be fire, mould and pest-resistant, while also offering impressive thermal and acoustic performance for a comfortable living space.

The 3D-printed hemp houses are presently being fundraised to get the project going and could help to completely revolutionize the housing market in the coming years.

Image Credit: Mirreco & Arcforms