The 'Smart Helmet' Illuminates Frontwards and Backwards

 - Mar 14, 2017
References: yankodesign
It's important to ensure optimal visibility when riding a bike (especially at night), so the 'Smart Helmet' is designed with a helmet light and safety features to boot.

Incorporating a light on the front and the rear, the 'Smart Helmet' is capable of offering illumination both frontwards and backwards in order to aim riders in illuminating their route and ensuring other vehicles can see them on the road.

The 'Smart Helmet' is the design work of Sherif Magdy abdel-aziz Elbeialy and also acts as a great solution for keeping the rider safe when it comes to their physical protection. The 'Smart Helmet' ensures an aerodynamic design that will cut down on wind resistance and make wearing the helmet seem less intrusive than other designs.