The Heineken Cube Concept is Intoxicatingly Intriguing

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: foodrepublic & foodbeast
If the concept of boxed wine is tried and true, why not boxed beer bottles like the Heineken Cube? The classic green longneck bottle has been transformed into a boxy square profile.

The shape resembles the classic milk carton containers that bring back childhood lunchtime memories. Conceptualized by French industrial designer Petit Romain, the green carton-like design offers a more economical and space-efficient alternative to traditional curved bottles. The boxy bottles can be shipped and packed tightly, saving space and allowing more brewskis to be sent on one truck. Even if the bottles were implemented for pure novelty purposes, the out-of-the-box look would certainly have consumers hovering in curiosity.

It may not be long before innovative packaging designs like the Heineken Cube start surfacing on liquor stores shelves.