HeatGen Offers Ready-to-Drink Beverage Packaging That Heats Itself

 - Mar 4, 2019
References: poweredbyheatgen & prnewswire
HeatGen sets itself apart by offering self-heating, ready-to-drink beverage packaging that may be activated with the twist of a lid. While the packaging resembles a conventional canned beverage with a pull tab, the base of the can has a twistable component that can be turned to activate the heating function of the packaging within two minutes.

After heating, the tab can be cracked open as usual, so that hot beverages like coffee, tea, bone broth, sake and even soup can be enjoyed on the go without needing to be heated with any kind of external appliance. Notably, technology is environmentally safe and the canned packaging is recyclable before and after activation.

Consumers are said to be able to look forward to the first HeatGen product hitting store shelves as of the summer.