The Hillshire Brands Heat Fresh Pouch Warms Edibles Evenly

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: tysonfoods & bestinpackaging
The Hillshire Brands Heat Fresh Pouch delivers on delectable and improved microwavable dining. The thermoform-fill-seal package promises to do so by evenly heating food items at the top and bottom, allowing for more enjoyable frozen food options.

The Heat Fresh Pouch boasts a moisture-equivalent system with absorbent materials and a self-ventilating system. By way of steam inside the packets, water, fat and salt components are warmed together. This helps provide an even distribution of heat, precluding standard temperature differences that often come with chilled menu items.

Condensation is also absorbed in the product, eliminating soggy foods. At the same time, a webbed dome formation targets edibles such as croissants or biscuits for optimal flavor and texture.