BAO's Healthy Hot Sauce Products are Cultured for Easy Digestion

 - Nov 25, 2016
References: baofoodanddrink & trndmonitor
In Chinese, "bao" is a word that's used to define a precious treasure—this is what inspired the naming of BAO, a company that produces healthy hot sauce products that are cultured and described as "unlike any sauces that you have had before."

BAO's Cultured Hot Sauce collection includes Chipotle, Jalapeño, Original Red Chili and Mango varieties, all of which are fermented and enhanced with probiotics to help with digestion. As well as being rich with good bacteria, these hot sauce products do without any GMO ingredients, preservatives, stabilizers or sugars.

While food and beverage items like kimchi and kombucha are certainly not new inventions, these kinds of fermented items are receiving new attention from health-conscious consumers who are drawn to the benefits that living bacteria can have on good gut health and more.