The Pocket-Sized Deluxe CMOY Amplifiers are Housed in Mint Tins

 - Mar 14, 2016
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
Lucid Lab has created a line of headphone amplifiers that they call the 'Deluxe CMOY.' Unlike most mobile amplifiers, these gadgets are inspired by retro mint packaging.

The Deluxe CMOY headphone amplifiers allow users to get the most out of their hi-fi headphones. The device features a switchable bass boost, Single or Dual TLE2426 Railsplitter options and is offered in standard CMOY 11x Gain or 4x Gain with NJM4556 op amp. Each pocket-sized gadget includes Japan-made potentiometers, which feature smooth, noise-free operation. The 8 Pin DIP socket, makes swapping op amps easy for users that want to try out other dual op amps.

The amps are outfitted in recycled mint tins such as old Altoids tins and upcycled Newman's Own Organic containers.