This Ghoulish Halloween Cakes Celebrate a Noteworthy Literary Villain

Nothing says the spirit of Halloween quite like these decorated Headless Horseman cupcakes by The Simple Sweet Life that capture one of literary's most spooky villains in an edible design. The cupcakes are perfect for parties, bake sales or get-togethers with an appealing moonlight design capturing the headless rider galloping away.

The Headless Horseman is the popular villain from the legends of Sleepy Hollow as the ghostly rider without a head that terrorizes a small town. These cupcakes celebrate the eerie story with cupcake decorations. Once the cupcakes are baked they are topped with grey buttercream icing and dipped in black sprinkles. Added to the cupcake is a detailed yellow harvest moon accessory made from dried royal icing complete with a design of the Headless Horseman galloping in the moonlight.