HCT Group is a UK Transportation-Providing Beneficial Business

Owner of bus operator CT Plus, the HCT Group is a social enterprise providing transportion services in London and Yorkshire. HCT Group was founded in 1982 by several community groups and today operates in London, Leeds, Wakefield, Hull and Bristol. HCT currently employs 700 people and operates its bus services under the CT Plus brand.

Headquartered in London, England, the HCT Group's chief executive joined the company as a bus cleaner. An additional side to HCT Group's services is its role in providing proficient training in marketable skills for individuals experiencing long-term unemployment.

Championing a vision of social justice and equality for all, HCT Group also reinvests a portion of its profits back into the communities it serves, while they also endeavor to create employment opportunities in under-served areas.

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