The Purchase of These Shirts Buys Clean Water for People in Guatemala

 - Oct 18, 2016
References: kickstarter
Hawaiian shirts are a staple in dads' closets around the world and this brand has redesigned the popular clothing item for younger generations.

Created by California natives Brian Poage and Emily Sansom, 'Aloha for People' offers island-inspired clothing while also helping people in Guatemala. Each time a shirt in the collection is purchased, the consumer has paid for clean water for a child in Guatemala -- a beautiful country that has a relatively high rate of poverty and low quality of life for millions of its people. The Hawaiian shirts are made from hand-woven fabric and provide people in Guatemala with jobs, are made in Los Angeles and the brand has partnered with 'Ecofiltro' to help provide water filtration systems in Guatemala.

This clothing brand appeals to the Millennial generation with its unique style and charitable business model.