The Haruki Horikawa Photo Shoot is Gorgeously Ethereal

The Haruki Horikawa photo series is serenely secretive as it captures a model in an array of white frilly fashion.

Each photograph boggles the mind as you try to make sense of the beautiful imagery with its light etchings and ethereal quality. The images further embody a luxurious and serene kind of art that shows Horikawa's strength as a photographer as he explores a secret world that dives into the magic of ethereal possibility. Many of the images that are concealed depict the beauty of Horikawa's photography style and those images which are not as mysterious, such as the model with the ghostly fashion photo effect, has its own mystery. 

This London-based fashion photographer's image titles include 'Scent' and 'Surge,' which effectively capture the ethereal essence of his photography.