'Hanging Rock Comics' is Hilariously Self-Deprecating and Charming

It's no secret that high school can be a rough time for many teenagers, but, as 17-year-old illustrator Taylor-Ruth of 'Hanging Rock Comics' found, humor can be an incredibly therapeutic way to deal with the drama.

Created in July 2011, the Tumblr blog showcases the often hilarious and highly relatable drawings of the Indiana-based high school student, ranging from witty anecdotes to self-deprecating post-breakup thoughts. While the humor is usually quite dark, there's a strong sense of support and underlying hope in each one, often offered through the hilarious quips and comments. Taylor-Ruth explains on the Hanging Rock Comics Facebook page that the site's mission is, "To remind you that you aren't the only one that feels this way."

With a cult following of readers young and old, and an interview set to be published in Wired!'s January issue, Hanging Rock Comics is definitely headed for big things in the near future!