Mexico's 'Handy Park' Device Protects Spaces for People with Disabilities

 - Jun 4, 2016
References: adeevee
In Mexico, the Morelia City Transit Department developed 'Handy Park' as a way to ensure disabled parking spots are used by those who they are reserved for.

While there are painted markings to designate spots for people with disabilities, they are sometimes occupied by able-bodied people. In order to cut down on this kind of activity, the Morelia City Transit Department developed Handy Park, which has a built-in camera that's capable of reading a car's license plate and identifying the disability symbol. As well as discouraging people from parking where they shouldn't, Handy Park encourages people with disabilities to acquire a license plate with the right markings or a temporary permit that will give them proper parking permissions.

Drivers who are without the official disability symbol on their liscence plate are given a timed warning to vacate the parking space, before they are issued a ticket on the spot by the local transit department.