The Handmade Bicycle Skirts Protect Skirts from Bike Spokes

 - Jun 20, 2013
References: etsy & etsy
With these handmade bicycle skirt guards, female cyclists no longer have to worry about their lovely, long and flowy skirts and dresses getting caught up in the bike's wheel spokes.

Biking while wearing a dress, skirt or long coat may seem nearly impossible with the dreadful possibility that your pretty clothes might get caught in the bike spokes, rip and/or cause you to fall. That's where the bike guard skirt comes in. This particular bike guard skirt design is called the Electric Blue Bell and is made with feminine and frilly transparent blue polyester. Constructed much like a fan, the Electric Blue Bell bike skirt guard clips together onto the side of a bike's chain and fans open to cover the spokes while simultaneously leaving enough room for the wheel to comfortably turn.

The Electric Blue Belle can fit any bike wheel from 26-28 inches wide.