This 'Mandkerchief' is a Handkerchief Branded for Men to Cry On

 - Dec 23, 2016
References: fairgoods & swiss-miss
The 'Man Tears White Mandkerchief' is a handkerchief for men, but one that's specifically branded as one to be used for crying. As it says on the front of the cloth, it is designated for "Man Tears." The charming design is completed by the product's description, which underlines why a man needs this in his life: "Man tears are too heavy for Kleenex."

The high-quality handkerchief for men from Fairgoods is made of 100% cotton that's been silkscreened with black ink. Fairgoods also carries a range of other amusing handkerchiefs, such as ones that say "No ugly crying," "Hormonal" and "Fake tears."

In recent years, products, commercials and other items targeted towards men have put an emphasis on showing how okay it is for a man to embrace his sensitive side.