This Handheld Colposcope Makes Screenings Portable and Accessible

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: medgadget & ideaconnection
Researchers at Duke University have designed a handheld colposcope, which aims to offer effective and accurate medical screenings to remote and impoverished areas.

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women, with a mortality rate that should be at zero, due to the advanced existing technology that can be used to treat it. These rates are much higher in more remote areas, where resources are limited and doctors are sparse. This screening center aims to mobilize medicine, providing people with a portable and inexpensive alternative to providing screenings.

The thin wand comes with an iPhone attachment, which has the capability to capture an image of the cervix, sending the image to its paired iPhone.

Mobile and portable medicine is a concept conceived from smart technology, which allows researchers to find innovative and affordable ways to make healthcare more accessible.