The Handheld Airbag Jack Works Effectively After Earthquakes

 - Jul 6, 2017
References: tuvie
The Handheld Airbag Jack is an effective piece of conceptual emergency equipment for those affected by earthquakes in order to help offer a helping hand for those trapped by debris.

Equipment for freeing trapped survivors is often quite heavy and isn't effective for emergency relief workers to carry with them when entering an affect region. The design of the Handheld Airbag Jack works to help individual care workers provide assistance for victims in order to decrease the time they spent trapped.

The airbag design consists of a pillow-sized bag that is inflated with the accompanying pump in order to be slipped into small spaces to quickly and effectively offer relief. The Handheld Airbag Jack is the design work of Jiang Yumo, Liu Wei, Chen Yu, Hou Jiale, Qi Kailun, Cai Wang, Tian Jianzhuang and Zhang Dianming.