The Ham Hock Pillow is One Comfortable Piece of Pork

Those with a penchant for pork will be all over the Ham Hock Pillow. This quirky pillow is designed to look exactly like a giant slab of ham. The pillow is sold from the Culismo Shop, thus the Spanish "Jamon" (ham) labeling.

The best part about the Ham Hock Pillow is that it is life-size. (The designers didn't skimp on the faux pork.) The pillow is made out of 100 percent cotton and is stuffed with polyester. Bacon is currently the Internet's pork product of choice, but this pillow proves that ham may as well be a close second. While many people would probably view the Ham Hock Pillow as nothing more than a gag gift, the pillow's relatively low price ($22) and stain-free design suggest that it's designed to be more than a novelty.