Halal Ski Vacations

 - Oct 20, 2007   Updated: Jun 7 2011
References: vacances-haute-savoie
Hotel "Les Rosiers" in the French Alps is one of the first winter sports destinations to offer entirely Halal Ski Vacations, catering to the wants and needs of Muslim tourists.

The term Halal tends to refer to Muslim diet and specific food restrictions, particularly when it comes to meat.

Another new business idea catering for the booming Islamic market!

Some other products catered to Muslims:

Implications - As globalization has increased cultural sensitivity and understanding, many niche enterprises are surfacing that cater to the specific needs of those groups. Not only does this demonstrate a company's progressiveness, but it also builds long standing empathetic customer relations. Corporations looking to better their public image should consider incorporating programs and incentives that demonstrate cultural sensitivity.