H2 Water Bottle Packaging Embodies a Graceful Figure for Efficient Shipping

 - Sep 12, 2012
References: maro.cr & packagingoftheworld
The incentive behind the design of H2 Water Bottle packaging might have been to reduce the footprint of the vessels to save on the cost and environmental impact of shipping, but an alluring aesthetic is the first thing that the consumer would notice. The organic curvatures and the asymmetricality of the flasks are unusual amidst mass-produced containers and this example is certainly an unexpected object of beauty.

Mario Ramirez conceived the exquisite slender carafes as if the transparent material that forms them has begun to gently melt. There is a graceful and natural fluidity to the contours of H2 Water Bottle that does well to enhance the impression of purity for the beverage held within.