Gunther von Hagens' Plastinarium is a Real-Life Horror House

 - Feb 16, 2013
References: wired
Gunther von Hagens' Plastinarium is renowned the world over for being the industry leaders for body part preservation services and the laboratory opened their doors recently for an in-depth tour of the facilities to the delight of science fans alike.

Filled with animals of all sort,s the Plastinarium intricately dismembers and preserves the body parts of humans, rare animals and fossils that have been recovered. The main purpose for the preservations is to create a physical museum of specimens that can be admired by people around the world and studied by leading healthcare professionals to help advance progress forward.

Although a little creepy, the specimens within the facilities are fascinating and the photos released really help to capture the essence of what a day in the life of the office is like.