Nathan Pyle’s Guide to NYC Pokes Fun at the Infamous Etiquette T

If you’re ever going to be making a trip to the ‘Big Apple,’ Nathan Pyle’s guide to NYC etiquette is a must-see. The hilarious animated GIFs that he’s created do a wonderful job at highlighting the finer points of NYC life.

With tips about how to breathe when you’re passing garbage, or the different types of food that are acceptable on transit, this guide to NYC is a treat to witness. Along with the humorous GIFs that Pyle has created, he will also be publishing a book in the near future. The book will feature a similar theme and will further point out the intricacies of the booming metropolis.

There is literally no city out there quite like NYC and even though the pictures are hilariously facetious, it’s an experience that everyone should have.