IGotAnEnvelope Encourages You To Send and Receive Strangers' Letters

 - Mar 17, 2009
References: igotanenvelope.blogspot
Want mail from a stranger? Not spam, but a real letter or a nice surprise? While we can't promise the letter you receive will be nice, Igotanenvelope is a project that encourages people to leave empty, self-addressed, stamped envelopes in public places. The hope is that they will be picked up by strangers who will add a letter of some kind or small trinket and send it back to you.

The back of the envelope reads:

Dear finder, put something personal inside the envelope and then return it to me. Be as original and artistic as possible and the content will be submitted to igotanenvelope.blogspot.com.

2. Write your address and put a valid stamp on the envelope.

3. Leave the envelope in a public place and wait for its return.

We've seen a similar concept recently with PhotoChaining which involves leaving cheap camera memory cards in public spaces with the hope someone will pick them up and upload them to a community site.

Clearly this fascination with connecting with strangers speaks to our growing need to feel integrated with society. It seems to be becoming more difficult to meet people in 'real life' and since most people are afraid of being rejected when approaching a stranger, these casual, guerrilla social bonding projects ensure people who are clearly open to meeting new people.

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