'Growing Systems' Uses 3D Printing to Build Unique Structures

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: aaschool.ac.uk & archdaily
Typically, people think of buildings as being built, not grown, but 'Growing Systems' is a generative design concept that could revolutionize how structures are erected. The concept, which is a Masters thesis project from students at the AA School of Architecture, uses a new method of 3D printing to create responsive designs that adapt to the shifting natures of cities.

Growing Systems relies on its new 3D printing technology, a form of vertical extrusion, to make the most out of prefabricated materials -- a typically inflexible medium. Growing Systems is able to print incredibly complex and intricate forms out of biodegradable plastic, forms that look almost as though they have been spun by orb-weaving spiders. Not only does this minute adaptability allow for creative repurposing of prefab materials, but it also makes it easy and inexpensive to tear down and rebuild wings and portions of buildings.