The 'GRIDI' Sequencer Turns Composing into a Physical Performance

 - Jun 4, 2016
References: digitalbuzzblog
'GRIDI' is the name of a large-scale sequencer that transforms the act of composing electronic music into an interactive experience.

There are several apps, software programs and devices where users can press buttons or flip switches in order to activate certain sounds, but GRIDI transforms the music-making process. The Arduino-powered GRIDI system designed by music producer Yuvi Gerstein uses colored balls to represent different types of instruments, which are picked up on by the system's sensors. When placed into the designated spots on the board, GRIDI is able to help anyone experiment with creating their own music in a way that's both simple and intuitive.

As well as having implications for music, this system could also inspire other a change in the way other systems input and output sounds and other information.