Will Sarah Palin Make Alaska a Leader in Renewable Energy?

 - Feb 25, 2009
References: alternative-energy-news.info
Alaska has long been the leading producer of oil of the United States, but now the state may be taking a greener turn. Energy costs in Alaska are some of the most expensive in America, even though oil is so plentiful, and this puts a strain on the citizens.

As of December 2008, Alaska generated 24% of its electricity from renewable resources, mainly wind power. Governor Palin is trying to pass legislation to make Alaska generate 50% of its power from renewable resources. Many scientist claim this should not be a problem due to the natural conditions that exist in Alaska. The state contains an estimated 90% of the US wave power potential and is a perfect place for wind power. Alaska also boasts a lot of geothermal activity and thus potential for geothermal power as well.

If Palin’s desire to promote green energy succeeds, then Alaskans and the rest of America should see a huge influx in renewable energy from the United States biggest state.