Hexagons are Six-sided Shapes Found in Nature and Design

 - Sep 6, 2010   Updated: Aug 15 2011
Six-sided shapes come in many incarnations. One might think of a 'hexagon' in geometry or a 'honeycomb' in nature.

A regular hexagon's sides are all the same length, and all the internal angles are 120°. Beehive honeycomb cells are hexagonal. Hexagons make efficient use of space and building materials for both humans and bees. But people are clever and find many interesting ways to use hexagons. Some of them are collected here.

Implications - Consumers have a need to get closer to nature, and as such, companies should continue to think up creative solutions that bring nature indoors. These creative designs allow buyers to feel like they are one with the world. Consumers appreciate products that allow them to recreate green living even while living indoors.