The Vortex Concept

 - May 7, 2008
References: tuvie
As you may have guessed, the Vortex is a concept car. The idea was to create a small vehicle that can provide the security of a big car. The external structure of this vehicle is composed of hexagonal polyforms (Wikipedia says "a polyform is a plane figure constructed by joining together identical basic polygons. The basic polygon is often a convex plane-filling polygon, such as a square or a triangle").

I believe the basic idea here is to find radically new forms and compositions (and materials) for the car that will, in theory, create a vehicle that will use the energy generated by a violent collision to provide better protection for the passengers.

The Vortex was designed by the team of Alejandro Hernandez Castañeda, Carlos Alberto Escalante, Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo, and Victor M. Aleman and the plan is for the project to be in the streets by 2045.

The explanation from as to how this flow of energy is supposed to work is very fuzzy and confusing and I could not find better information... but the pictures look nice!