Fukushima Has Created a Green Energy Source Made from Seaweed

 - Sep 15, 2015
References: ajw.asahi & gizmodo
The Japanese region Fukushima has recently come up with a green energy source alternative deriving from algae. The biofuel could potentially revolutionize the use of fossil and nuclear energy sources offering by offering an all-natural alternative that doesn't compete with food.

Algae is an ideal alternative energy source to items like corn or sugar that compete with a region's foods. The seaweed plant is used to absorb carbon dioxide to create a biofuel that is fully usable even in cooler climates. Other positives include how quickly algae can be produced and how the plant requires no import costs as the seaweed can be grown on land. Currently Fukushima is looking into finding a way to reduce the cost of algae to make the energy source much more affordable for the everyday consumer.