Greatest American Dog

 - Jul 11, 2008
References: cbs & adweek
Greatest American Dog is a new TV show that debuts tonight, that puts 12 teams of dog trainers against each other for a chance to win $25,000. CBS has been busy promoting the show with help from ad agency Initiative, putting out unique campaigns on the streets, in traditional media and online. A great example is the above video which plays with the old saying that dogs look like their owners.

Other parts of the show promo included branded hot dog stands, which let them have fun with plays on words, in Manhattan. They also sent out dog walkers and dogs in New York, both wearing man and canine wearing vests branded with the show's logos. In addition, they also teamed up with "the Facebook for dogs,"

"In pet-food sections of certain supermarkets, motion-sensor video screens have been set up to run a 30-second spot," AdWeek explains. "The monitor snaps to life with the sound of a barking dog when shoppers gets close, inviting them to press a button to view the program."

Just when you thought TV producers were running out of ideas for reality shows, they unleash a show starring dogs!

"Twelve dogs and their owners arrive at Canine Academy with a common goal in mind: to win the title of Greatest American Dog," CBS explains. "Ron, a self-proclaimed beach bum and his skateboarding dog Tillman, make a strong impression on the houseguests in more ways than imagined. In an elaborate canine talent show, the dog/owner teams work hard to impress the judges, but one pup must be sent packing!"

Bark my words, I like dogs, but I don't think I could sit through 10 minutes of this show.